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Transforming Spaces

Embark on a journey through our diverse portfolio, each a testament to NexSpace Studio's unwavering commitment to design excellence and meticulous attention to detail. Experience the transformation of your vision into reality as we craft spaces that elevate experiences. From private residences to dynamic commercial spaces and expansive township design consultancy, discover how NexSpace Studio builds energy and brings innovation to every project.

Our design consultancy ventures, often in collaboration with esteemed design firms and renowned architects in India, further exemplify our dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. 

Architectural Collaborations:

Handled projects envisioned by prominent architects including Zafar Chaudhary, Sanjay Puri, Sandeep Khosla, Vivek Rathore, and Neelesh Chopda. Additionally, worked alongside landscape architects such as Dewa Kusuma from Bali and Green Box Designs.

Collaborative Partnerships:

Worked in collaboration with esteemed firms such as SAGI Architects, Square3 Design Pvt. Ltd., and Yagnesh Shah & Associates.

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