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  • Nirali Jain

P2P: Points to Pick a Paint

Do you dread choosing a paint? This might help you.

Paint bucket

The idea of changing furniture or renovation is what most homeowners dread these days. Painting walls can be overwhelming for some people, although a slight colour change can transform the look and feel, the mood of your home effortlessly. With so many options to choose from, we tend to freeze and end up with a few different colour shades. Here are a few tips that can help you to choose the paint colour without clouding your minds.

  • Create a mood that suits you!

We all love to step outdoors into nature, go for a walk on the beach, watch sunrise or sunset to stir our moods. Imagine we could create that similar setting to elevate the ambience within our homes. You can draw inspiration from your place of sanctuary rather than just picking a colour that goes with your furniture or decor.

mood info picture

In the above picture, we can see a tranquil mood that we can replicate by selecting the cool colour shades shown alongside and can pair well with white or oak wooden furniture.

  • Consider the depth of space.

It is good to try the use of striking or contrast colour for the walls. Before you take such a step, do consider the space within your room. For example; You can opt for neutral or lighter shades on the walls for a room with darker decor or low ceiling height. At times, accentuate one of the walls with complementary hue colour to bring some vibrancy into your room. So, don’t fear colour, because you may never know how it can be ecstatically dramatic too!

depth of space

  • Look at the characteristics of paint.

Every homeowner will like to have quick to dry easy maintenance, stain-resistant, durable paint. Water-based paints are best for these characteristics. Many paint companies provide water-based paint, which are design to create a sustainable indoor environment, with low VOC, odourless, with less impact on the air quality and reduce contaminants in the ozone layer. Lets take a step towards sustainable environment!

  • Choose the finish that you can maintain.

All paints come with a different sheen. Here is some choice of the finishes that you can opt for that depend upon the reflectivity, sheen and the traffic or usability of the room.

  1. Flat matte: this finish has the least amount of sheen and can easily cover any imperfections in a wall. Though being least durable and susceptible to damages, we can use them for non-usable areas like ceilings.

  2. Eggshell: they are a popular paint finish as having a slight sheen, cover imperfections of the wall as well and better durable than flat paints. They can be of use for low or medium traffic areas like living room, foyer, dining.

  3. Satin: most common interior finish, lustrous, easier to clean and we can use them for high traffic areas like kitchen, bathrooms, family room.

  4. Semi-gloss: are durable, mild-dew resistant, with good sheen and reflective and can be of use for rooms with high wear and tear like kid’s room, kitchen and bathrooms. They may show some imperfections but can work upon with good touch-ups.

  5. High gloss: as the name suggests with the most amount of sheen, easily washable, most durable and so we can use them for doors, cabinet shutters, exterior furniture as well.

  • Do paint sampling before applying.

When you do not like the colour applied, it would be easier to scrape and change the shade. However, it can be a bit frustrating and time-consuming if you have to keep repeating it until you can say out loud- “bingo! this is it”. Hence it is always better to test a sample of different paint shades and their hues on your wall alongside furniture & fabric and see how it looks with light falling over at the various time of the day. Cause when the light falls over, its appearance may change and then it may seem to you that it isn’t the one you want.

sampling picture

Major paint company offer testers, as they believe that every homeowner; can give it a try before they can apply. They also may have a visualiser app that can help you try various shades for your choice of room.

We hope you feel confident to choose a colour now, or you can ask the company’s paint buddy, who will be there to assist you over paint and its related queries.

So, lets feel beautiful!


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